Toddlers say the darnest things sometimes right?? Here's the latest installment of Claire-isms.

Ross: How do you spell my name?
Claire: R... L A I R E
Ross: How about Paige?
Claire: P... L A I R E

I tell Claire that I have to go on a work trip and she tells me that she wants to "Keep Me." I'm thinking oh that's so cute. And then she says "I'll keep you in a crate like Roma Mom and you can't go anywhere"

"We're both big girls, right Mom?"

Claire is throwing a fit and I ask her what will make her snap out of it and feel better. She squints her eyes and says "Anything MOM, ANYTHING."  She meant to say was "nothing, nothing would make her feel better." I had to stifle my laugh. Silly verb tenses.

Every night before dinner Claire asks "Is there cheese in there?"

C: "Dad, I need to drive the car"
R: "You're not big enough"
C: "Ok Dad, but I'm growing"

Claire's dinner time prayer "Dear God, thank you for our family and for Daddy's pizza. Amen"

In the car the radio is playing in the background and Claire says "Mommy, it's Lady Gaga" and sure enough "Million Reasons" had just come on. We watched the super bowl half time show together and then watched a video of the half time show a few days later. that's it. How did she remember this?!

When Claire counts to 20, she skips the number 15 every single time. Oh and she skips number 25 when we count to 30. So funny.


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